Cabelas Quadrone Vision

2016 Auction – Really Cool LOOT!!

We’re not sure we should be telling you this, but the Tournament Staff at SITT has been Wicked-Busy checking-in (and sometimes coveting) those INCREDIBLE Auction items for this coming Wednesday’s Auction.

PLEEEAASSE! Help us by finding NEW HOMES for all this GREAT STUFF while, at the same time, helping us get MAINE COMMUNITY COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIPS to those that need them! 

So what do we have? I KNOW, the suspense is killing you right??

The “Loot Masters” on the SITT Auction staff, have clued us in to a few more awesome Auction items. Here’s a small preview of what to expect!

Boston Celtics

Cabelas - Americas Foremost Outfitter

Cabela’s has outdone themselves again. We have a HUGE number of items donated.  These include things like a 2 Person Outdoor Glider, camp stove, backpack and YES even a Video Drone…the Quadrone Vision! AND MORE.

Thank You Cabela’s!


Chad Little Outdoor power

We know that you like it when we roll-in the power equipment.  Well, the folks at Chad Little Outdoor Power Equipment did US REAL GOODUp for bid is an awesome 2000 Watt HONDA generator!!

Please, no fighting! 🙂


Classic Flooring

We can always count on a great flooring donation from Classic! This year you’ll be bidding on $2000.00 worth of flooring. 

Sweet…Thanks Classic!


Matco-LogoMatco Tool Distributor Jim Hinkley brought us an MTXTREME. It’s a charging station and booster pack that will charge your phone and your laptop and can help you start your 12 or 24v engine! He also brought us a super-nice Matco Silver Eagle 1/2″ Socket Set!




SITT’s Will Lewry has, graciously donated, 2-Nights accommodations at the picturesque McKernan Center. With  gorgeous Casco Bay views this place is the gem on the Southern Maine Community College campus.



This part is awesome! The community college students from CMCC, EMCC, NMCC and SMCC have been busy this year building YOU their OWN “CREATIONS” to bid on! They’ve made it a contest of sorts and YOU ARE THE WINNERS.



  •   An Incredibly Stylish lamp made by CMCC students




  • A beautiful Commode/Dresser AND Cutting Boards from EMCC Students




  • An easy-lift Snowmobile Jack made by the NMCC crew




    • Lovely hand-made framed Fish Prints from the SMCC Students

THANK YOU students and faculty very much! You GUYS and GALS RULE!


Cabelas Rugged Glider for 2

Cabelas Rugged Glider for 2


We have both “LIVE” and “SILENT” auctions in our program. 

The “SILENT” Auction will  be open from 4PM until 7PM on Wednesday the 3rd.  As of right now there are over 40 silent auction items alone!  Holy #$%^!!  That’s a lot of stuff.

“LIVE” Auction bidding will commence immediately after the Captain’ meeting (around 7:15PM)

There’s  bound to be something for everyone!

Stay tuned as MORE and MORE items and their Generous Donors are revealed!

btw: Keep an eye out for a young lady with a smart-phone  who’s been trying to sneak spy photos!!!

Where: The Tournament tent at Spring Point Marina, 1 Spring Point Drive, South Portland, Maine 04106

Cabelas RC Ford Truck

Cabelas RC Ford Truck





Keep an eye HERE or on FACEBOOK for the details! 


Please support our VERY GENEROUS SPONSORS and be sure to HAVE FUN!






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