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The Causes We Support

We have been very fortunate to receive large amounts of support from the captains, many local sponsors, and others throughout the community.   Whether the support is from volunteering, donation of auction items, sponsorships, raffle ticket purchase or other contributions, it is greatly appreciated by our committee members and all of the organizations we are able to support.  Thank you so much!


Because of all of this generous support, our tournament has raised and given out over $615,000 to worthy causes over the last seventeen years.  Below is a summary of who we’ve supported over the years:


Maine Community Colleges – Southern Maine Community College has been a strong partner of our tournament since its inception, and the relationship between us and the Maine Community College system has flourished over the years.  Between scholarship funds, helping to fund a new pier at SMCC and other support, we have donated $433,000 to the community college system.  Our long term goal is to endow a $100,000 self-supporting scholarship fund for each of the seven community colleges in Maine.


Dan Cardillo Charitable Fund – Created in memory of Dan, who was training to be an Olympic downhill skier when he died, the fund “seeks to inspire, support, and encourage promising and compassionate young people pursuing their artistic, athletic, or non-traditional academic goals, and — most importantly — their life’s passion.”


Byron Gouzie Scholarship – Created in memory of Byron, who showed a love of art since kindergarten, this organization supports students from Gray-New Gloucester High School who show a passion for art.  Several prints of art created by Byron have been sold at our annual auction to support this worthy cause.


University of New England: Spiny Dogfish Research –   The dogfish population has a major impact on the Gulf of Maine fishery. Professor James Sulikowski has studied them for many years now and has helped better understand their impact on the Gulf of Maine fishery, not only bluefin tuna but also on other fish such as cod and haddock.


Fishing Families – Fishing has always been a dangerous way to make a living, and unfortunately there are times when a captain or mate doesn’t come back to shore.  Over the years the tournament has made donations to the surviving families.


American Red Cross – We’ve made donations to the Red Cross twice in our history.  The first time was immediately after 9/11, and the other time was to support aid to people impacted by Hurricane Katrina.


Other Causes – These donations include a wide range of causes, most of them giving back to Maine communities.  Recipients include The Reach School, McAuley High School, The Center for Grieving Children, Preble Street Resource Center, The Bruce Roberts Fund, Wounded Warriors, Salvation Army and Operation Game Thief.

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